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27 Nov 2021
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Dt: 29-Nov-2021
↓ Sell on Falling
at Rs.1512
for the target of
Rs. 1489 - 1466
Stop Loss Rs.1548
Dt: 29-Nov-2021
↓ Sell on Falling
at Rs.2450
for the target of
Rs. 2427 - 2404
Stop Loss Rs.2488

‣ Best time to take position: After 10.30 am morning. Stock Tips are for Next Day Trading of Updated Date. Updated daily after 6.30pm when Share Market Closed.

Updated on: 26/11/2021

Trading Tips List, Stocks in Downtrend
Stock Tips Stock Symbol Stock Name
(Click for Details)
Stock Trend Stock Price Updated
at 6.30 pm
Sell MANAKSIA Manaksia Limited Downtrend↓ 60.00 View details
Sell UNIVASTU Univastu India Limited Downtrend↓ 65.00 View details
Sell IFGLEXPOR IFGL Refractories Limited Downtrend↓ 298.00 View details
Sell SATIA Satia Industries Limited Downtrend↓ 86.50 View details
Sell SIRCA Sirca Paints India Limited Downtrend↓ 480.00 View details
Sell ALKYLAMINE Alkyl Amines Chemicals Limited Downtrend↓ 3260.00 View details
Sell ANIKINDS Anik Industries Limited Downtrend↓ 21.70 View details
Sell HERCULES Hercules Hoists Limited Downtrend↓ 145.80 View details
Sell APCOTEXIND Apcotex Industries Limited Downtrend↓ 368.00 View details
Sell ICICINV20 ICICI Prudential NV20 ETF Downtrend↓ 92.39 View details
Sell SHARDAMOTR Sharda Motor Industries Limited Downtrend↓ 800.05 View details
Sell ATUL Atul Limited Downtrend↓ 8314.95 View details
Sell SCHAND S Chand And Company Limited Downtrend↓ 113.05 View details
Sell VALIANTORG Valiant Organics Limited Downtrend↓ 1065.00 View details
Sell GANESHBE GANESHBE Downtrend↓ 80.45 View details
Sell BIRLACABLE Birla Cable Limited Downtrend↓ 80.70 View details
Sell BHAGERIA Bhageria Industries Limited Downtrend↓ 253.90 View details
Sell ARIHANTCAP ARIHANTCAP Downtrend↓ 140.25 View details
Sell TTL T T Limited Downtrend↓ 83.75 View details
Sell GULFPETRO GP Petroleums Limited Downtrend↓ 43.90 View details
Sell SUMIT Sumit Woods Limited Downtrend↓ 10.70 View details
Sell ITDC India Tourism Development Corporation Limited Downtrend↓ 384.15 View details
Sell BANSWRAS Banswara Syntex Limited Downtrend↓ 205.00 View details
Sell SPLIL SPL Industries Limited Downtrend↓ 44.15 View details
Sell APCL Anjani Portland Cement Limited Downtrend↓ 309.00 View details
Sell ANDHRSUGAR The Andhra Sugars Limited Downtrend↓ 612.90 View details
Sell MAHEPC Mahindra EPC Irrigation Limited Downtrend↓ 124.00 View details
Sell STARPAPER Star Paper Mills Limited Downtrend↓ 130.20 View details
Sell DEEPINDS DEEPINDS Downtrend↓ 143.00 View details
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