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8 May 2021
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Dt: 10-May-2021
↑ Buy on Rising
at Rs.2486
for the target of
Rs. 2508 - 2528
Stop Loss Rs.2453
Dt: 10-May-2021
↑ Buy on Rising
at Rs.11269
for the target of
Rs. 11368 - 11467
Stop Loss Rs.11102

‣ Best time to take position: After 10.30 am morning. Stock Tips are for Next Day Trading of Updated Date. Updated daily after 6.30pm when Share Market Closed.

Updated on: 07/05/2021

Trading Tips List, Bullish Stocks
Stock Tips Stock Symbol Stock Name
(Click for Details)
Stock Trend Stock Price Updated
at 6.30 pm
Buy JAYNECOIND Jayaswal Neco Industries Limited Bullish↑ 16.70 View details
Buy AVTNPL AVT Natural Products Limited Bullish↑ 54.70 View details
Buy NELCAST Nelcast Limited Bullish↑ 73.50 View details
Buy CARBORUNIV Carborundum Universal Limited Bullish↑ 574.00 View details
Buy KARDA Karda Constructions Limited Bullish↑ 129.25 View details
Buy JSWISPL JSW Ispat Special Products Limited Bullish↑ 58.40 View details
Buy TEXMOPIPES Texmo Pipes and Products Limited Bullish↑ 30.50 View details
Buy FLUOROCHEM Gujarat Fluorochemicals Limited Bullish↑ 851.00 View details
Buy TBZ Tribhovandas Bhimji Zaveri Limited Bullish↑ 65.85 View details
Buy DALBHARAT Dalmia Bharat Limited Bullish↑ 1635.00 View details
Buy YAARII Yaarii Digital Integrated Services Limited Bullish↑ 86.35 View details
Buy ASHIMASYN Ashima Limited Bullish↑ 17.60 View details
Buy STOVEKRAFT STOVEKRAFT Bullish↑ 501.00 View details
Buy UTTAMSTL Uttam Galva Steels Limited Bullish↑ 9.10 View details
Buy PANACEABIO Panacea Biotec Limited Bullish↑ 352.65 View details
Buy TATASTLLP Tata Steel Long Products Limited Bullish↑ 1035.95 View details
Buy HERCULES Hercules Hoists Limited Bullish↑ 122.90 View details
Buy BLKASHYAP B. L. Kashyap and Sons Limited Bullish↑ 17.00 View details
Buy MIRCELECTR MIRC Electronics Limited Bullish↑ 16.85 View details
Buy DHARSUGAR Dharani Sugars & Chemicals Limited Bullish↑ 8.25 View details
Buy MANAKCOAT Manaksia Coated Metals & Industries Limited Bullish↑ 16.85 View details
Buy MANAKSIA Manaksia Limited Bullish↑ 56.15 View details
Buy DBREALTY D B Realty Limited Bullish↑ 20.70 View details
Buy MIC MIC Electronics Limited Bullish↑ 1.05 View details
Buy ANSALAPI Ansal Properties & Infrastructure Limited Bullish↑ 5.70 View details
Buy KAMDHENU Kamdhenu Limited Bullish↑ 154.00 View details
Buy PRAKASHSTL Prakash Steelage Limited Bullish↑ 1.05 View details
Buy JAIBALAJI Jai Balaji Industries Limited Bullish↑ 51.85 View details
Buy EKC Everest Kanto Cylinder Limited Bullish↑ 125.40 View details
Buy BIOFILCHEM Biofil Chemicals & Pharmaceuticals Limited Bullish↑ 76.20 View details
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