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8 May 2021
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Dt: 10-May-2021
↑ Buy on Rising
at Rs.399
for the target of
Rs. 403.8 - 408.5
Stop Loss Rs.390.4
Dt: 10-May-2021
↑ Buy on Rising
at Rs.764
for the target of
Rs. 775 - 786
Stop Loss Rs.750

‣ Best time to take position: After 10.30 am morning. Stock Tips are for Next Day Trading of Updated Date. Updated daily after 6.30pm when Share Market Closed.

Updated on: 07/05/2021

Trading Tips List, Stock Tips
Stock Tips Stock Symbol Stock Name
(Click for Details)
Stock Trend Stock Price Updated
at 6.30 pm
Buy BAJAJHLDNG Bajaj Holdings & Investment Limited Strong Uptrend↑ 3534.00 View details
Sell JAYAGROGN Jayant Agro Organics Limited Strong Downtrend↓ 170.90 View details
Buy BLBLIMITED BLB Limited Strong Uptrend↑ 6.30 View details
Buy CAREERP Career Point Limited Strong Uptrend↑ 124.85 View details
Buy SAREGAMA Saregama India Limited Strong Uptrend↑ 1988.00 View details
Sell RKEC RKEC Projects Limited Strong Downtrend↓ 61.60 View details
Sell GOCLCORP GOCL Corporation Limited Strong Downtrend↓ 196.10 View details
Sell GEECEE GeeCee Ventures Limited Strong Downtrend↓ 109.00 View details
Buy ABBOTINDIA Abbott India Limited Strong Uptrend↑ 15850.00 View details
Buy GANECOS Ganesha Ecosphere Limited Strong Uptrend↑ 587.00 View details
Sell SUPERHOUSE Superhouse Limited Strong Downtrend↓ 125.00 View details
Buy AGRITECH Agri-Tech (India) Limited Strong Uptrend↑ 39.95 View details
Sell VADILALIND Vadilal Industries Limited Strong Downtrend↓ 988.00 View details
Buy REPL Rudrabhishek Enterprises Limited Strong Uptrend↑ 197.35 View details
Sell INDLMETER IMP Powers Limited Strong Downtrend↓ 14.40 View details
Sell GLOBAL Global Education Limited Strong Downtrend↓ 43.55 View details
Sell SOUTHWEST South West Pinnacle Exploration Limited Strong Downtrend↓ 35.00 View details
Buy MOHOTAIND Mohota Industries Limited Strong Uptrend↑ 6.60 View details
Buy ALPSINDUS Alps Industries Limited Strong Uptrend↑ 1.65 View details
Buy IIFLWAM Iifl Wealth Management Limited Strong Uptrend↑ 1195.95 View details
Buy SUNCLAYLTD Sundaram Clayton Limited Strong Uptrend↑ 3199.25 View details
Sell MMFL MM Forgings Limited Strong Downtrend↓ 456.55 View details
Sell PREMEXPLN Premier Explosives Limited Strong Downtrend↓ 153.35 View details
Buy CYBERMEDIA Cyber Media (India) Limited Strong Uptrend↑ 10.50 View details
Buy GBGLOBAL GBGLOBAL Strong Uptrend↑ 7.10 View details
Buy WORTH Worth Peripherals Limited Strong Uptrend↑ 55.50 View details
Buy ROHITFERRO Rohit Ferro-Tech Limited Strong Uptrend↑ 1.90 View details
Sell UNIVASTU Univastu India Limited Strong Downtrend↓ 39.20 View details
Sell DCMFINSERV Dcm Financial Services Limited Strong Downtrend↓ 1.90 View details
Buy TCIFINANCE Tci Finance Limited Strong Uptrend↑ 4.90 View details
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