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8 May 2021
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of the Day
Dt: 10-May-2021
↑ Buy on Rising
at Rs.183.7
for the target of
Rs. 191 - 198.2
Stop Loss Rs.175
Dt: 10-May-2021
↑ Buy on Rising
at Rs.764
for the target of
Rs. 775 - 786
Stop Loss Rs.750

Short Sell Stock Tips

If you like going Short Position than Short Sell Stock Tips are for you. This Stock Tips are based on stocks showing strong sell signs. Kindly check market trend before you use Short Sell Stock Tips. If Stock Market is in Up Direction than think again before going to short sell.

‣ Best time to take position: After 10.30 am morning. Stock Tips are for Next Day Trading of Updated Date. Updated daily after 6.30pm when Share Market Closed.

Updated on: 07/05/2021

Trading Tips List, Short Sell Stock Tips
Stock Tips Stock Symbol Stock Name
(Click for Details)
Stock Trend Stock Price Updated
at 6.30 pm
Sell BEL Bharat Electronics Limited Strong Downtrend↓ 138.00 View details
Sell IFCI IFCI Limited Strong Downtrend↓ 10.65 View details
Sell AUBANK AU Small Finance Bank Limited Strong Downtrend↓ 928.50 View details
Sell CONFIPET Confidence Petroleum India Limited Strong Downtrend↓ 60.30 View details
Sell ANIKINDS Anik Industries Limited Strong Downtrend↓ 12.10 View details
Sell KOPRAN Kopran Limited Strong Downtrend↓ 191.00 View details
Sell SPIC Southern Petrochemicals Industries Corporation Limited Strong Downtrend↓ 34.95 View details
Sell ASTERDM Aster DM Healthcare Limited Strong Downtrend↓ 148.20 View details
Sell SICAL Sical Logistics Limited Strong Downtrend↓ 11.05 View details
Sell FACT Fertilizers and Chemicals Travancore Limited Strong Downtrend↓ 118.00 View details
Sell TRENT Trent Limited Strong Downtrend↓ 751.80 View details
Sell JUBLFOOD Jubilant Foodworks Limited Strong Downtrend↓ 2739.50 View details
Sell NIITLTD NIIT Limited Strong Downtrend↓ 169.00 View details
Sell SYNGENE Syngene International Limited Strong Downtrend↓ 573.00 View details
Sell ESTER Ester Industries Limited Strong Downtrend↓ 144.70 View details
Sell GINNIFILA Ginni Filaments Limited Strong Downtrend↓ 27.20 View details
Sell CARERATING CARE Ratings Limited Strong Downtrend↓ 509.60 View details
Sell GENUSPOWER Genus Power Infrastructures Limited Strong Downtrend↓ 51.25 View details
Sell ANANTRAJ Anant Raj Limited Strong Downtrend↓ 51.50 View details
Sell NAZARA NAZARA Strong Downtrend↓ 1721.00 View details
Sell POLYPLEX Polyplex Corporation Limited Strong Downtrend↓ 1117.00 View details
Sell XCHANGING Xchanging Solutions Limited Strong Downtrend↓ 70.00 View details
Sell BARBEQUE BARBEQUE Strong Downtrend↓ 576.70 View details
Sell INOXWIND Inox Wind Limited Strong Downtrend↓ 72.80 View details
Sell MANGALAM Mangalam Drugs And Organics Limited Strong Downtrend↓ 133.60 View details
Sell MAITHANALL Maithan Alloys Limited Strong Downtrend↓ 783.25 View details
Sell VIMTALABS Vimta Labs Limited Strong Downtrend↓ 232.05 View details
Sell BLS BLS International Services Limited Strong Downtrend↓ 93.00 View details
Sell BALAMINES Balaji Amines Limited Strong Downtrend↓ 2402.00 View details
Sell XELPMOC Xelpmoc Design And Tech Limited Strong Downtrend↓ 297.00 View details
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